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Why Study with the Institute of Personal Care Science?

The Institute of Personal Care Science (IPCS) is the world’s leading on-line and distance education provider in cosmetic science, formulation, regulatory affairs and brand management. Why? Our Diplomas:

  • Are Internationally Recognised by Tertiary Institutions including Colleges and Universities around the world
  • Are Internationally Recognised by Industry Employers – want a job in the cosmetics and personal care industry? Get our Diploma on your resume, it’s the one Employers look for when hiring Cosmetic Chemists, Formulators, Quality Assurance roles, Production Managers, Regulatory Affairs personnel and Brand Managers in the cosmetic and personal care industry.
  • True professional level training for the cosmetics and personal care industry that is Government Accredited and Quality Audited – our Diplomas are true College Level training
  • Come with unrivaled study support – speak to our trainers 1-on-1, they’re all highly qualified and experienced Cosmetic Chemists and Brand Managers
  • Teach a balance of traditional and modern formulation techniques including synthetic, high performance, natural and organic formulation methods
  • Not only teach you how to formulate just about any type of cosmetic and personal care product but also how to keep up with formulation trends and use the latest material launches – stay ahead of your competition with innovative formulation skills, not just standard formulation guides
  • Put you in touch with several thousand raw materials from multiple suppliers around the world – source the professional level materials to elevate your product performance!

We’ve trained over 700 students from 40 different countries. See where our students have been located here…

Internationally Recognised Diplomas

Only the Institute of Personal Care Science can provide Diplomas in Cosmetic Science and Formulation that are quality audited at a Government Level. Not all ‘Diplomas’ teach at the same level – The Institute of Personal Care Science Diplomas are true College Level training that get you Career Ready as a Professional Formulation Chemist/Cosmetic Scientist or Brand Manager.

Wanting to study to formulate for or manage your own Brand? IPCS still provides you with the most professional level training to ensure your products stand out above the rest.


Study on-line by Correspondence

Our flexible study programs can be completed around your current work/life commitments. At IPCS, we provide quality distance and on-line education with:

  • quality audited texts, written support materials, practical demonstration videos, tutorial videos and on-line lectures – accessible any time of day or night
  • 1-on-1 tutorial support provided via phone, email and/or skype for trainer-student contact, enhanced and motivated learning – trainers are readily available to assist students work through more challenging subjects if required
  • detailed ‘timetable’ and study guide so students know what to study, when, and can plan and track their study progress
  • flexible study programs that can be extended or deferred if work and/or life commitments change
  • raw material packs sent for students to prepare practical samples – get hands on with formulating because that is what it is all about!

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